Job Description: 

Recombia Biosciences is an early-stage synthetic biology startup that is leveraging its proprietary genome engineering technologies to optimize yeast to produce a number of different sustainable products. Our technologies enable the introduction of rationally-designed genomic modifications with unprecedented precision, efficiency, and throughput. Leveraging these technologies we can explore the genomic space of the chassis strain in addition to creating heterologous pathways. Our initial applications of these technologies will involve a research collaboration with a partner company. 

This is an exciting opportunity to gain valuable experience in the field of metabolic engineering with hands on work in the areas of small scale fermentation and biochemical screening. 

Candidates should have an interest in working with yeast (S. cerevisiae) and other microorganisms. Candidates will work with team members to carry out quantitative small scale fermentation experiments; implement high-throughput analytical assays; and identify improved strains. Ideal candidates will have an educational background in metabolic engineering, microbial fermentation, analytical chemistry, or biochemistry.  

Successful candidates will have participated in past research projects that have familiarized them with basic laboratory techniques and practices. As part of the Recombia team, you will interact frequently with leadership and other lab/bench scientists, but also work independently to implement essential assays for strains emerging from Recombia’s bioengineering pipeline. 

Well qualified candidates will have: 

  • Completed or in the process of completing a B.S. or M.S. in a related field 
  • A desire to work for a small industrial microbiology startup 
  • Educational background in metabolic engineering, fermentation or relevant field 
  • Participated in prior undergraduate/masters laboratory research 
  • Experience in basic microbiological methods (pipetting, cell plating, media prep, …)