Recombia Biosciences’s brand is the collection of perceptions people have about our company. It is the big picture impression that is left on our customers and those who interact with us.

Recombia Biosciences’s branding exists to differentiate our company from others in the marketplace, as well as connect with a target audience. It creates trust and recognition by communicating in a consistent way across all teams and channels.

This style guide is the visual translation of Recombia Biosciences's mission, vision and values. It is the framework that specifies how to communicate the Recombia Biosciences brand. The design assets presented within are the tangible visual elements that determine how our brand is perceived by, and how it interacts with, the world.

Brand Story

Recombia was founded in 2019 as a spinout of the Stanford Genome Technology Center. The company is based on technologies for enhanced high throughput genome editing and synthetic biology and will use these technologies to discover ways in which industrial strains of yeast can be improved for manufacturing different products.

Our Mission

Providing yeast genetic engineering services for bio-based production of various products, with a focus on sustainable production.

Our Vision

Recombia seeks to contribute to the establishment of a biobased economy and sustainable manufacturing practice by dramatically increasing the amount of precision genetic variation that can be explored.

Our Values

Innovative thinking, tool and cutting edge genome editing technology development for sustainable biobased manufacturing, nature holds solutions for 21st century challenges.

Color Palette

Recombia Biosciences’s official palette is comprised of a variety of swatches, each functioning as an essential component to our brand’s web presence and print design materials.

Night Navy

RGB2 / 29 / 39


CMYK94 / 25 / 0 / 84

Pantone296 C

Used for background rows, headers and image overlays.

Whale Navy

RGB3 / 54 / 73


CMYK95 / 26 / 0 / 71

Pantone309 C

Used for background rows, headers and image overlays.

Celadon Green

RGB5 / 136 / 128


CMYK96 / 0 / 5 / 46

Pantone3282 C

Used for background rows, headers and buttons. Primary link color.

Energy Green

RGB6 / 217 / 182


CMYK97 / 0 / 16 / 14

Pantone3252 C

Used for background rows, headers and buttons.


RGB240 / 236 / 228


CMYK0 / 1 / 4 / 5

Pantone663 C

Used for lighter backgrounds.

Metallic Sunburst

RGB155 / 129 / 70


CMYK0 / 16 / 54 / 39

Pantone4505 C

Used for smaller text headlines.

Dark Brown

RGB97 / 77 / 46


CMYK0 / 20 / 52 / 61

Pantone4485 C

Used for larger text headlines and background overlays.


Recombia Biosciences’s on-brand images help to convey our best practices, aspirations and moods. The following images have been selected to communicate Recombia Biosciences’s values associated with our brand.


Recombia Biosciences’s brand voice strongly impacts how our audience feels about our products and services. The following words and phrases depict our best practices, personality and what does and does not demonstrate the voice of our Recombia Biosciences brand.

Words we like:

Professional, experienced, scientific, research, cutting edge, innovative, recombination, biobased, sustainable, bioproduction, efficiency, DNA, genetic engineering, CRISPR, natural world, technology, connection

Words we don't like:

Existing solutions, commonplace, low production, low yield, insufficient, lacking, inconsistent