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Recombia’s Platform

Traits are controlled by genetics. Changes to yeast’s genetic code can improve its industrial fermentation characteristics and reduce manufacturing costs and improve product yields. Recombia’s technology platform enables precise genetic changes to be made in a highly efficient process that requires minimal investments in time, effort, and cost. The outcome is a vastly accelerated design-build-test cycle.

Recombia Biosciences Platform Diagram

Our Genetic Engineering Approach

The underlying process of Recombia’s genetic engineering approach is akin to the ‘find and replace’ function of a word processor. Our approach searches through millions of letters (i.e. DNA bases) of genetic code, finds a sequence of bases of interest, and then replaces that sequence with a new sequence designed to improve a particular yeast trait. Recombia’s ground-breaking technologies ensure the new sequence (aka Donor DNA) is free of errors and also accurately and efficiently replaces the previous sequence. Our technologies also facilitate downstream testing of the resulting yeast, which would otherwise be rate-limiting.

Recombia Biosciences Genetic Engineering Approach Diagram (High Resolution)